Things you may like to know.

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1. What is the Cozy Club? We're a club for everyone. We're here simply to add cozy to your life, any way we can. The club has a collection of cozy information: advice, recipes, and recommendations from all kinds of people and brands. We also have limited-run, high quality products!

2. How can I be part of the club? We're happy to have everyone! We do our best to answer everyone on our Instagram and emails, and encourage you to use the hashtag #cozyclub. We'll be checking it to share on our own pages and interact with you. We also love having contributors to our monthly cozy ideas posts so reach out! 

3. How can I become a contributor? We pride ourselves on having new cozy contributors every month. If you'd like to share, email us at or in the contact section. Anyone is welcome to contact us, the posts are from a wide range: from professionals that are high in their fields, to friends and family with awesome information. We support everyone no matter if it’s your job or just something you enjoy in your spare time and want to share. Some current categories are Bed, Home, Advice, Recipes, and Environment. But use your cozy imagination, and feel free to reach out about anything you feel would be a good fit.

4. What is the Cozy Club Fund? We started this club knowing full well we wanted to use it to give back. We care strongly for the environment and in making sure we can help anyway we can. Our club is largely inspired by the outdoors. We currently give to Sierra Club Foundation but we like to switch this up every few months to help others. The Sierra Club's goals are to “Solve the climate crisis, Secure lands protections, Get people outdoors” and more. We are always interested in new ways to give back so hit us up if you have any input!

5. How much of my money goes towards the fund? 10% of every order goes directly to the Sierra Club Foundation. We take it a step further by making sure all of our products are responsibly sourced. Many of our recommendations give back in some way, or are environmentally-friendly. We also donate 100% of extra donations so anything is appreciated!

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6. How fast is shipping? We ship once or twice every week. If there is a tracking number it will be provided in the email, but give it a business week to arrive. For international orders give it two weeks before reaching out.

7. Can I return my purchase? Yes of course, we want everyone to be happy with our goods and if they are the not the coziest things ever, or if there is a defect, please let us know! However, if the defect is from your own cause (like not reading about proper mug care, then we can’t accept a return or refund). Otherwise, you will get a full refund upon return of the item! Please email us at with your name, order number, and reason for return.

8. Are your recommendations sponsored and/or biased? 100% of our recommendations are products we or our cozy contributors believe in. Any content is tested and is cozy-approved. We promise to never recommend anything solely for money. We believe in only sharing things we truly love ourselves.

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9. Are your products environmentally friendly? When starting this brand the main challenge was making sure we did the best we could environmentally at each step. This meant a lot of extra homework and research. We don’t use any extra packaging and all of our packaging is sustainable and recyclable. Think you may want to return your order? Consider saving the box and sending it back to us so we can reuse, we reuse much of our materials. We have researched everything from our products to our packaging materials and strive to do the best we can in all aspects. But we are always willing to do more and advice on green manufacturing and sustainability is always welcome.

10. Who was a part of making the Cozy Club real? Though the initial idea and design all began with our founder and head creative, Megan Pelto, she has had tons of help from lots amazing people along the way including family, friends, and collaborators. The amazing designer Meg of Darngood created our logo and packaging materials. Connor Bennett is the photographer behind all of our site and official product photos.

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