Cozy Camp Enamel Mug

Cozy Camp Enamel Mug


The perfect enamel mug to share your love of the outdoors. This hearty mug will warm your hands, great for camping or at home!

Please note; HAND WASH ONLY. Not dishwasher or microwave safe. This item is not returnable if you ruin it by these methods so please be fully aware. This inconvenience is due to the process of applying the decal to the mug. Those options are only available with huge orders of mugs, and as a new, small business it is not yet attainable. But we promise in the future to try to make this available.

10% of your order will be donated to an environmental cause, to read more go here. We don’t use any extra packaging on our products, and all shipping materials are sustainable and recyclable.

Made out of iron and enamel. Dimensions are ~3.5” x 4”

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