Your new favorite (environmentally conscious) comforter

Photo from  Buffy

Photo from Buffy


When I'm trying to find something new for my home I always like to do my research. Especially if it's something I plan to invest in and have around for a while. I want nice quality, but affordable. Something durable but that still isn't hurting the environment. It can be tough, and I have always been frugal. After reading through tons of reviews and information I finally stumbled upon Buffy. I won't lie, as a designer the site is what first hooked me, but after reading what they believed in I knew it was meant to be. Not only do they believe in comfy, my true goal in life, they also believe that products shouldn't hurt the environment. They are aware that often comforter manufacturing is not great for the environment, and made it their mission to ensure theirs are made both ethically and with products that actually help. 

I immediately ordered my own and fell in love. It's so plush and comfy, but also cool enough to sleep under in the hot Los Angeles summers. This makes me look forward to climbing into bed even more every night! They usually have $5-$10 off on their site if you enter your email so make sure not to miss that!

This is Crash.

This is Crash.


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