Where to buy the coziest mugs


There's little else cozier than a nice hot drink. There's just something so comforting about a cup of coffee in the morning, or freshly brewed tea after a long day. I enjoy this so much more out of a cute mug. It's a simple thing that brings a nice start to my day, and being cozy is often about taking the time to appreciate the small things in life.

I have a favorite mug, and no it's not Cozy Clubs! My stepmom, Lynne Pelto, makes beautiful ceramic mugs in her Malden Brook Pottery studio in Massachusetts. They are handwarmer mugs for a comfortable hold, and make your hands feel warm and cozy as you drink. Each one has a unique glaze and is handmade, and the colors all reflect New England where they are created. I have had my own since 2011 and it has lasted all these years, I still drink out of it every morning!


-Malden Brook Pottery.



- Cozy Club

Surprise! My next favorite actually is the Cozy Enamel Camp Mug, though I'm biased since I designed it :). Each of the designs was carefully chosen to be the perfect combo of cozy and outdoors. Also as a bonus for reading this post take 5% off your mug order at checkout using the code COZYMUGS!


Mimi Ceramics. I own two of these lovely mugs and I am obsessed with the cute design! I have the light blue and yellow dot mugs.


- Recreation Center. I love the bright rubber coated handle of this mug, and the texture of the shapes as well. One of my all time favorites that I stumbled upon in LA


- Ekua Ceramics. I love light blue and beautifully shaped objects so this mug is perfect for me. I love the circular handle and simple design and grabbed mine from the super cute shop, Poketo.


- Dina No Ceramics. This simple mug is a beautiful rich blue, I snagged it at Otherwild in LA and there are also matching plates and bowls available.


I have collected quite a few mugs I love, some I use for decoration or even as a planter, and some I drink out of. While these are some of my favorites, I would love to see some of yours! So whether you are a maker or just have your own favorite mug feel free to send it my way as I will share more in the future.

Oh, and if you are like me and always forget to finish your coffee while it’s still hot, get this mug warming coaster that will keep it warm till you finish!!


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