8 places to find cute planters

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Maybe you're like me, and you've had a hard time finding planters you actually like! They are either too glossy or too decorative, and it can be hard to find simple, beautifully designed options. But I love plants, nothing makes my home feel better than greenery, and my favorite thing to do on the weekends is take care of them. I have collected my planters from a number of places. And even if these exact locations might not work for you, hopefully they will help point you in the right direction.

I look for planters in one of two categories; either I am buying a few at once from a bigger shop, or going to a small business or artist. I look in my area for nurseries, plants shops, and small artist run shops. I also look online through Instagram and Pinterest!

Small Business / Artists:

- Mimi Ceramics. I technically own mugs but this awesome artist makes planters as well! And I re-purposed the mugs to put little plants in them, just be careful to not over water as there is no drainage.


- Otherwild. I own the White Chen Chen Planter from this cute shop in Los Feliz.


- Camille Esnee. This artist makes the cutest little planters and vases! I own three and use them for air plants, succulents, and decoration. Just be mindful there is no drainage!


- Studio Arhoj. I own two of the Hana vase's: the Kiku in light blue and Sakura in dark blue.



-Your local nursery or plant shop ( I live in LA so I use Sunset Nursery in Los Feliz or Nature's Perfections in Highland Park ). This was the perfect place for me to stock up on basic planters in nice shapes but simple colors. My favorites are white, terracotta, a blush terracotta, and cement.



-Ikea. When I first moved to LA I discovered I lived within a 10 minute drive from the largest Ikea in the country! They have good basic white pots for cheap in a few different sizes. No drainage but a great affordable option.


-Home Depot. There are limited cute planters at the home depot near me, but it's always worth checking as they have a few cute grey and terracotta ones for a low price!


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