5 easy ways to relax during your work day

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Everyone has stressful and busy days and often we don’t take the time to relax until evening. Sometimes a break mid day can make a big difference. All of these options can be done in 5 minutes, so no matter your work situation you can fit them into your day.

  1. Ambient sounds. This one of my top options as it can be done at your desk during work. Sometimes when you’re focusing music isn’t the right fit, but you’re on a deadline and looking for something to tune out the noise. My personal favorite is A Soft Murmur as the sound of rain and thunder is so comforting to me. But Spotify has tons of playlists, or you can try listening to Weightless by Marconi Union, which has been called ‘the world’s most relaxing song’ by Forbes

  2. Taking a walk. This one can be combined with any of the options below. It is really helpful sometimes just to step outside, even if it’s just for a walk around the block. Even better if you can just pay attention to your surroundings and let go of work & life for a moment.

  3. Fresh beverage break. Depending the time time of year, a fresh hot cup of coffee, or perhaps an iced tea can be very calming. If you have a favorite drink, taking the time to prepare, sit, and enjoy for a minute brings calm and control to you day.

  4. Screen breaks. It’s hard to get any break from screens during the day both at home and work. much of our lives now depends on them but often a short break of looking at devices can be needed. Try looking out a window or just sitting back for a moment. Talking to someone or taking a walk. It’s good to get out of our singular focus sometimes.

  5. Headspace. This is a personal meditation app. While this is the only paid option on the list, the first ten sessions are free. I am not sponsored, I just truly love their service. This forces you to take the time to close your eyes and experience yourself and your surroundings no matter how short of a session you choose.

For more ideas I recommend checking out this actionable guide to mindfulness by John Parrot.

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